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Your Personalized HYDRAFACIAL Every 30 Days

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Immediate results and individualized plan for glowing, long-lasting healthy skin

30-Day HydraFacials For That Age-Defying Glow

We’ve ditched the fuss of a typical spa and focus on your skin specific Hydrafacials treatment program every 30-days.

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Solutions for

Smooth & Refine

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Restoring & Firming

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Solutions for


Solutions for

Eye Perk

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Lip Perk

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Its Time for Luxury at the Shore

Be beautiful at the beach

Experience our state-of-the-art skin treatments in the serenity of our Japandi  inspired luxury facial studio.

We are located in the heart of Ventnor City, the shore’s trendiest beach community just minutes from Atlantic City, Margate, and Longport.  

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Your PErsonalized Facial Every 30 Days

Your self-care routine just got easier with our 30-Day Facial Membership Program. 

Receive VIP services when you sign up.   

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Safety is our priority

Our studio is compliant with the latest protocols for COVID-19. Please wear a mask when entering our studio.

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Olga Swatowska
Olga Swatowska@libertyyolga
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There aren't enough stars in the world to convey how I feel about Ula Luxury Facial Boutique. The entire experience, from the atmosphere to the hydrafacial itself, is like taking your skin and your senses on the most luxe vacation—you'll leave feeling like a million bucks. I glowed when I left; I glowed even harder three days later. I'm telling you, make an appointment. Indulge just once and you'll be sold.
Cayla DiGiovanni
Cayla DiGiovanni
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I got the facial and was so impressed by how knowledgeable Ula was about skin care and all the advice she gave me. Was by far the most relaxing and pleasant parts of my Weekend”
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The Milan Facial is the best I ever had!